Livets Goda

Livets Goda was established by Anders Enquist and Erik Dahlström in 2002 and is now considered to be the leading fine wine magazine in Scandinavia.

Over the years it has evolved to nine issues of 220-250 pages per year, plus two issues on 120-150 pages on a more specific topic (Michel is very often the writer for those).

The focus lies on fine handcrafted wines and detailed in-depth articles on wine regions and wine personalities from all over the world. Michel cover the wine regions of California (also Oregon and Washington), Bourgogne, Spain and Austria, occasionally he also writes about other wines and wine regions.

All people behind Livet Goda share a deep love and passion for great restaurant experiences, which in 2014 resulted in a high end restaurant guide called Livets Goda Topp 20, where the 20 best restaurants in Sweden are presented in a detailed way. At the same time we honor the best sommeliers in Sweden with a special price.

Livets Goda also has a very popular and complimentary website (in Swedish),, where news, tasting notes, interviews and a video blog is presented. Currently there are some 50 000 unique visitors on this website every month.