To meet friends and taste wines, beers or whiskies has for a long time been a very popular hobby for consumers in Sweden. The wine clubs of today are many more and larger than ever (the largest is the countrywide Munskänkarna with over 23 000 members), and there are wine clubs in almost every city in Sweden. Second to wine, whisky is the preference when it comes to organized tastings, and there are dozens of whisky societies and whisky fairs around Sweden today.

Since Michel Jamais founded his consultant company in 1992, he has organized or led over 5 000 tastings for approximately 150 000 guests all over Sweden. With that he is by far the most hired lecturer and wine taster in Sweden.

His tastings are addressed to everyone from beginner to those who have tasted wines for decades, both amateurs and professionals. Michel is always keen on keeping each tasting at the level of knowledge and fun the guests ask for.

More regular easy going, consumer oriented and entertaining tastings, which are mostly asked for when beginners or companies hire him for a tasting, normally consists of around 5-6 wines (or beers or spirits), and they usually runs for about one and a half hour.

Michel also offers more in-depth and specialized tastings, especially to customers who are more experienced and asks for more exclusive and specific topics. A tasting like this may consist of anything from 5-6 to over 10-12 wines, and it will take around 2 hours, depending on the kind of lecture asked for and the number of wines to be tasted.
Since Michel is specialized in California, Bourgogne, Austria and Spain, as well as the grape varieties Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Tempranillo, tastings will most likely cover one of these subjects.

To book and plan a tasting

All tastings must be planned well in advance to set the date/dates, and for you to rent a room (unless you have one), a restaurant or equivalent where we can be. If you want Michel to show slides, maps or power point, you must arrange with a projector. You (or the restaurant) must also provide appropriate wine and/or spirit tasting glasses.
When the tasting is booked, Michel will send a list of beers, wines or spirits required for each course, that you must buy unless otherwise is agreed or the restaurant needs to buy the beverages.

To book, contact Michel Jamais for a quotation.

Note, that if the client cancel a tasting 14 days or less before the date for the tasting, 50% of the total tasting fee will be charged. If it’s cancelled 7 days or less before, the full tasting fee will be charged.