Michel Wine Club

This wine club is all about the love of food and wines.

It all started in 1998, when Michel arranged a few winemaker dinners at restaurant Villa Källhagen in Stockholm. This is still the home base of his wine dinners, and today they more popular than ever!
There’s no cost to be a member, you only have to love food and wine and register your e-mail address. When there’s a dinner or tasting planned, you’ll get your invitation by e-mail around 4-6 weeks in advance.

Normally the dinner starts at around 18.30 and most often it takes place on a weekday. Depending on the price we have 40-80 guests. Sometimes there’s a weekend dinner and sometimes Michel arranges it at other restaurants around Sweden.
There is no fixed program, whenever there’s a chance to arrange a dinner, Michel will do that. Normally he arrange 4-6 dinners per year, plus a few guest appearances at other restaurants.

Michel also arrange 4-6 very exclusive wine tastings and dinner per year. At these tastings we’re only 12-16 guests.

If you are a wine producer, wine importer or wine organization and are interested to contact Michel and discuss a future dinner or exclusive tasting, please send an e-mail for more information.