Over the last two decades, the market for restaurants and importers of beers, wines and spirits has changed dramatically. There are more than 15 thousand brands and labels of beers, wines and spirits in Sweden today and the need and demand for knowledge is greater than ever.

The overall knowledge on beverages is high in Sweden and today the consumers are asking for more specific, unique and high quality beverages, they also demand a better service. Therefore knowledge is obvious and a competitive tool for the restaurants and the importing companies.
With greater knowledge, a restaurant can easily increase their profits and at the same time get more satisfied customers. Studies have proven that a sommelier trained waiter can increase the sales of wines with 20-25 percent.
A restaurant that regularly train their staff, will both develop and ensure the quality and keep their staff.

Michel Jamais has worked with first class sommelier education since 1998, and has so far trained over 1 600 sommeliers around Sweden. Beside his assignments at Restaurangakademien and Grythyttan (university), he is often hired directly by the restaurants, hotels and importing companies.

The courses

All training programs and courses will be designed specifically for each client’s needs and requirements. The more a client specify the needs, the more precise Michel Jamais can plan the program and thus achieve the objectives set.

Michel Jamais specializes in introduction courses of focus courses (3-4 hours each) as well as master classes (1-3 full days) in a series of topics, but is open to discuss other kind of courses that those specified below.

Introduction courses:

  • What is wine?: A basic course in wine, winemaking and wine styles
  • The world of wine: A step deeper in the wine world (a series of courses)
  • Wine and food: A course focused on the interaction of wine and food
  • What is beer?: A basic course in beer brewing and beer styles
  • Beer and food: A course focused on the interaction of beer and food
  • What is spirit?: A basic course in distillation and styles of spirits

Focus courses:

  • Viticulture: An in-depth one day course in wine growing and its results
  • Winemaking: An in-depth one day course in winemaking and its results
  • “Wine style”: An in-depth course in a single variety (a series of courses)
  • Spirits: An introduction in distillation and the world of spirits
  • What is whisky?: A basic course in the whiskies of the world
  • What is brandy?: A basic course in the brandies of the world

Master classes:

  • California and its wines (1-3 days)
  • Spain and its wines (1-2 days)
  • Burgundy (1-3 days)
  • Austria and its wines (1 day)

To book and plan a course

All courses must be planned well in advance, normally 2-4 months in advance to set the date/dates. It’s up to you as a customer to rent a classroom, unless you have one yourself. The classroom must be equipped with a whiteboard (or equivalent) and a data projector. You must also provide appropriate wine and/or spirit tasting glasses.

When the course is booked, Michel will send a list of beers, wines or spirits required for each course, that you must buy.
For most courses, Michel will send the training materials on e-mail, for you to copy to all students.

To book or ask, contact Michel for a quotation.

Note, that if the client cancel a course 14 days or less before the date, 50% of the total course fee will be charged. If it’s cancelled 7 days or less before, the full course rate will be charged.