Books by Michel Jamais

In 1998, Michel had a major role in drafting and writing the standard work En Värld av Vin, a comprehensive book of around a thousand pages on the wine regions and wineries of the world. Five years later, he put on to update and rewrite “his” regions in the same book, and another success became a reality.

He stayed with this publisher and wrote his second book on wine and food pairing, Vin & Gastronomi that have been sold in more than 12 000 copies in Sweden! In the coming years an impressive standard work on the history and world of distillates, Destillerat, and a lighter version on that, Lilla Spritboken.

In 2004 he came in contact with a new publishing company, Grenadine, and wrote in cooperation with a cheese maker a very popular book called Ostkompaniets Njutningslära, that was sold in 40 000 copies.
In the following couple of years Michel was very productive – he wrote a series of books, one on wine and food (Michels Vin & Mat), another one on wine, beer and cheese (Michels Ost & Vin), and one very popular on beer and food (Michels Öl & Mat).

After writing the series of cookbooks with wines and beers, he wanted to focus more on the wine itself, and wrote two beautiful books with very artistic photos of the great photographer Johan Kalén, who he had worked with in the earlier books. One book focused on white wines, Michels Vita Viner, and the other on red wines, Michels Röda Viner.

In the following duo of books, Michel co-wrote them with two great chefs. In Het Mat, Coola Drycker, he worked with Jonas Borssén who for a long time have been specialized in hot and spicy food. Since spicy food is as popular as beer and wine, we thought it would be a good idea to share our long time experiences in the field.
Mat, Vin, Öl, Sprit was the result of seven years of wine dinners with Michel’s wine club at the restaurant Villa Källhagen in Stockholm. In this book, Michel and the restaurant’s executive chef Mathias Emilsson selected the very best combinations they made over the years, as well as some new and highly interesting combinations with beer and spirits.

In the fall of 2014 Michel published his third book on the spirits of the world, Livets Vatten. It’s a 500 page comprehensive book covering all the types of spirits, their history and origin, how they are made, rules and classification, how they are served and facts about the most important brands and producers.


Vin, Mat och Dukade Bord (Trevi, 1996)
En Värld av Vin (Prisma, 1998)
Vin & Gastronomi (Millhouse, 2001)
Destillerat – allt om sprit från hela världen (Millhouse, 2002)
En Värld av Vin (Millhouse, 2003)
Lilla Spritboken (Millhouse, 2004)
Ostkompaniets Njutningslära (Grenadine, 2005)
Michels Vin & Mat (Grenadine, 2005)
Michels Ost & Vin (Grenadine, 2006)
Michels Öl & Mat (Grenadine, 2006)
Michels Vita Viner (Grenadine, 2007)
Het Mat, Coola Drycker (Grenadine, 2008)
Mat, Vin, Öl, Sprit (Grenadine, 2010)
Livets Vatten (Tukan Förlag, 2014)